Samford State School in focus

Samford school can be considered a large school by enrolment, our school is enveloped within a wonderfully close knit community and that warm country school feel endures still today.

The school has adopted the ‘You Can Do It’ program as a means of developing the important foundation attributes of Organisation, Persistence, Confidence, Getting Along and Resilience. This program plays an important role in daily life at the school.

There is a strong sense of pride at Samford State School; pride in the magnificent grounds, in the very high academic achievements of the children, in the childrenā€™s appearance and conduct, the teaching standards, the facilities and the general resources. We hope that you and your children will look back on your years at Samford with pride too, and fond memories of hard work, rewarding experiences and life-long friendships.

I value the partnerships we make with parents and look forward to working with you to ensure your child develops the skills they need to successfully participate in an ever growing and complex world.

Trevor Walker


Samford State School
School sector: Government
School type: Primary school
Gender: Co-Ed
Total student: 867 (boy:462, girl:405)
Total staff: 58

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